Part B - Professional Certifcations

Part B overview:

  • Sustainability Excellence Associate (SEA) Credential

  • LEED Green Associate

  • Green Globes Emerging Professional (GGEP) Credential

  • CC-P Candidate Program

  • TRUE Advisor Certificate


The Sustainability Excellence Associate (SEA) is a credential offered by Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI) for individuals who want to demonstrate their competence in sustainability and their ability to create sustainable solutions, an ability to integrate sustainability into an organization, and their knowledge of sustainability tools and techniques. Specifically, the Associate credential is for those new to the sustainability field such as students, recent graduates, and early professionals. SEA is a prerequisite for the Sustainability Excellence Professional (SEP) credential which is meant for sustainability professionals with a high level of experience as a sustainability professional.


How To Complete

  • Review the study materials.

  • Schedule and pass your exam, onsite or online (75 m/c questions - 2 hours to complete)

Comprehensive Guide - Sustainability Excellence Candidate Handbook

Study Materials

Sustainability Excellence Associate (SEA) Credential

LEED Green Associate


Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a widely used green building rating system. The LEED Green Associate offered by GBCI in conjunction with the US Green Building Council (USGBC) is a certification for those new to green building credentials and who want to gain an understanding of the most current green building practices. It is a stepping stone for other LEED credentials, such as LEED Accredited Professional (LEED AP).


How To Complete

  • Review the study materials

  • Schedule and pass your exam, onsite or online (100 m/c questions - 2 hours to complete)

  • Maintain your Associate credential by earning 15 continuing education hours over a two-year period.

LEED Green Associate Candidate Handbook

USGBC Green Associate Study Materials


Green Globes is another green building assessment guideline and certification program. The Green Globes Emerging Professional (GGEP) credential offered by the Green Building Initiative (GBI) is for students and early professionals who would eventually like to become a Green Globes Professional (GGP) but who do not have the minimum 5 years of experience. GGEP training covers the importance of green building, an introduction to GBI and the Green Globes certification system, and sustainability concepts. If you are interested in green buildings, this is a great way to gain background and exposure to the Green Globes criteria. 


How To Complete

  • Complete the online, self-paced course.

  • Complete and pass the online, open-book exam through the course platform (50 questions).


Learn more about the GGEP credential and enroll here.

Informational Flyer

Green Globes Emerging Professional (GGEP) Credential


The CC-P Candidate Program


If you are interested in climate change specifically, pursuing a certification to become a Climate Change Professional (CC-P) offered by the Association of Climate Change Officers (ACCO) may be a good option. The CC-P Candidate Program is designed for students, new graduates, and early professionals and it is a stepping stone to becoming a Certified CC-P. The time limit to complete the process as an active undergrad student is 5 years, and for a graduate student, 3 years.


How To Complete

  • Study for and write the CC-P Candidate Entrance Exam

  • Complete ACCO’s annual maintenance requirements to maintain active membership

  • In a final 6-month window, study for and write the CC-P Closing Exam and satisfy CC-P Elective Requirements to become a Certified CC-P.


CC-P Candidate Guide

TRUE Advisor Certificate Program


The TRUE Advisor Certificate Program is offered by GBCI for any individual (including students!) interested in learning zero-waste policies, programs, and current zero-waste business principles. A TRUE Advisor helps prepare businesses for TRUE certification using the TRUE rating system.


How To Complete

  • Complete the online modules.

  • Complete and pass the online exam (75 questions).


Learn about the TRUE certification here.

TRUE Advisor Certificate Program Information