Part A - Courses

Section 2 lists the University of Waterloo’s courses, programs, professional development opportunities, and opportunities to get involved with sustainability on campus. This section is divided into three parts:

Part A - Courses

Part B - Professionals Development 

Part C - Campus/School Life Opportunities

Part A - Courses

Below are examples of sustainability- related courses at University of  Waterloo. This is a dynamic list that is updated as we learn about the different courses! As sustainability is very broad, it is likely that sustainability concepts have been presented in some of your classes already.

Note: Some of these courses may require you to have certain prerequisite courses, to be in a certain year level (ex. 2A minimum), or to be in a certain program.

General Courses

ENVS 105 - Environmental Sustainability and Ethics

ENVS 195 - Introduction to Environmental Studies

ENVS 200 - Field Ecology

ENVS 205 - Sustainability: The Future We Want

ENVS 274 or 374 - Special Topics in Environment (changes every term)

ERS 215 - Environmental and Sustainability Assessment I

ERS 253 - Communities and Sustainability

GEOG/ERS 361 - Food Systems and Sustainability

GEOG 101 - Human Geographies: People, Space and Change

GEOG 207 - Climate Change Fundamentals

SCI 201 - Global Warming and Climate Change


Other Ideas

CIVE 230 - Engineering and Sustainable Development

CHE 571 - Industrial Ecology

ENVE 279 - Energy and the Environment

ECON 357 - Environmental Economics

PHIL 224 - Environmental Ethics

SOC 320 - Social Problems in a Global Context

SDS 260R - Ecology, Society, and Justice: Social Development and the Environment

SDS 330R - International Public Policy

PSCI 432 - Global Environmental Governance

CHEM 201 - Environmental Impact and Management of Resources 1

CHEM 479 - Preparation of Biobased Compounds and Materials

AVIA 416 - Aviation Sustainability

HLTH 340 - Environmental Toxicology and Public Health

HLTH 370 - Ecological Determinants of Health


For a full list of UWaterloo courses:

University of Waterloo’s Course Calendar 






For more information on specific requirements to achieve the above credentials, see the UWaterloo Undergraduate Studies Calendar here.



  • If you are hoping to complete a minor or a diploma, choose the courses you plan to take as soon as possible. Better yet, plan what term you want to take it as well.

  • Ensure that you have any prerequisites for your chosen courses, if applicable.

  • Keep in mind that some courses are only offered once per year. (Want to know when a course is typically run? Check out UW Flow - but note that this is not official and the course offering list for the upcoming term should be checked once available.) 

  • If a minor or a diploma has a requirement that can be met with different courses, ensure that you have a backup course in case you cannot take a course you planned for, for whatever reason.