Sustainability Leadership Guide

Welcome to Impact Alliance's Sustainability Leadership Guide! This guide provides resources to University of Waterloo students that are meant to assist in the advancement of their professional skills in the environmental sector.


The guide will help you:

  • Prepare for green economy careers

  • Enhance your resume and increase employability

  • Find ways in which you can learn about and get involved in sustainability

  • Find jobs





The guide is divided into five sections:

Click on the section titles below.

Section 1 - Certification Programs

Comprehensive guides about different sustainability-related certification programs to pursue and expand your learning through.

Section 2 - University of Waterloo Resources

Courses, minors, and diplomas the university offers that are relevant to sustainability, as well as professional development opportunities.

Section 3 - Events

Events that range from regional to international that you may attend to network, learn, and further develop skills.

Section 4 - Job Boards

A list of job boards which have a focus on green careers and opportunities.

Section 5 - Sustainability-Related Volunteer Ideas + Additional Resources

A list of volunteer ideas and other resources that may be helpful to you.









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The creation of this guide was led and written by Sarah Semchism, with support from Jahanvi Desai, Jessica Ng, Ginny Wong, and Fariha Hossain.